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Commonly know as a Thai Marriage Visa, this visa is actually a Non Immigrant 'O' Visa - the 'O' meaning 'Other' category visa. This same applies to a Thai Dependent Visa, it's actually a Non-Immigrant 'O' Visa.

To qualify for a Thai Marriage or Thai Dependent Visa, you must firstly have a Non Immigrant 'O' Visa, normally obtained prior to entering the country.

However, if you are currently in Thailand using a Tourist Visa, we can assist you in obtaining an Extension Visa which we can then use to formally process a Non Immigrant 'O' Visa (Marriage or Dependent Visa) .

The key requirements of the Thai Marriage Visa are:

  • Passport, visa and application form   
  • Marriage certificate   
  • Birth certificate   
  • Thai wife's ID, or Thai Dependent's ID    
  • Address confirmation   
  • Proof of income   

At Express Visa we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the procedure involved in processing your Marriage or Dependent Visa application.

Let us help you prepare and submit your application correctly, accurately and in accordance with current Thai legislation.

Take the right first step and call Express Visa -TODAY!

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