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Being employed within a Thai business, or setting up a business here in Thailand, can be a rewarding experience.

However, it is illegal to perform any form of work in Thailand without first obtaining a Thai Work Permit and accompanying Business Visa. To work or engage in business here in Thailand without fulfilling the proper legal requirements can result in heavy fines - even imprisonment!

At Express Visa we can arrange everything for both you and your employer. In the majority of cases, your employer is limited in how many foreigners can work within a Thai company and the company must also be able to demonstrate they have a minimum level of registered share capital - currently B2m of fully paid-up share capital is required to be registered.

Your Thai Work Permit is non transferable - so if you leave your employer you would need to apply for a new Work Permit with any new employer.

Foreigners can set-up a formal Thai registered trading company, but there are conditions. The minimum amount of share capital will need to be registered and foreigners are not allowed to have more than 49% shareholding in any Thai trading company.

There are a great many things that both you and your employer need to prepare before the Thai Department of Employment will issue a Thai Work Permit.

At Express Visa we know intimately the procedures and processes involved in processing a Thai Work Permit and so we are best placed to ensure any application is presented correctly, accurately and in accordance with current Thai legislation.

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